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My name is Paul Bress and I serve as the Director of Tennis at the River Falls Swim and Tennis Club, and as the Managing Partner of the Renaissance Tennis Club.  I hope you will find this website useful and easy to use. These are our initial website pages and we are planning to add more useful information in the near future, so keep checking back for more good stuff.

This website's purpose is twofold. First, to make it more convenient for our current clientele to get information and to sign up for our terrific tennis programs. Secondly, to make us accessible to tennis enthusiasts who are looking for a top notch tennis program, but have not been able to find anything that truly delivers. If this is YOU, then look no further. 

Many clubs and tennis professionals will claim that their programs are something unique and “special”. It sounds like a cliché but our program delivers, and is truly, one of a kind. Our program is different because of the energy, excitement and fun that is involved in each class and private lesson. This energy motivates and is always positive, encouraging and warm. My staff and I love working with players of ALL levels.  We specialize in getting you and your children excited about the great sport of tennis. You won't see the same tired drills that you may have experienced over and over again at other clubs, instead we use dynamic drills, that are always fun, but equally effective in improving your skills. Whatever your aptitude, we believe in your ability to reach your full potential, and neither we, nor our students, ever, ever quit! 

Whenever I speak to someone who is inquiring about our program, it is difficult to find the words to fully describe the scope of our approach to teaching. Eventually, I simply tell them that they have to experience it to appreciate it. My staff and I hope that you will join us and see how much fun tennis can be for you and your family, not only for today, but for a lifetime!! 

See you on the courts!



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